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I am a weekend woodworker who is still learning the ins and outs of the hobby. Most of my work revolves around pallet and reclaimed wood but sometimes I use box store wood to complete projects for customers. Reclaimed wood is more adventurous though I think.

Deer Plaque

Channel: ARB WoodWorks

I built an animal themed bean bag game for a “Trunk or Treat” event being held at a local school. I’ve found that kids love to throw bean bags through a hole in a board as long as there’s something cool painted on it.

a “Trunk or Treat” beanbag game

Channel: Dave Harshberger

A set of coasters featuring the two puggles of 2Puggles. Marty Feldman and Roxie will be donating the proceeds(actually we are going to donate $20 today and hope we actually sell them sometime but I digress) from these coasters to the Make a Wish Foundation.

2016 Makers Care 2Puggles Coasters

Channel: 2Puggles