Videos 2015

An airplane on a lathe while not impossible.. would be tough! A UFO on the other hand lends itself quite nicely! A few alterations and it is good to go! So here is one for the kids! Big or small! Way to go Steve ;>) Larry

The Tiny Trailer Workshop

Channel: The Tiny Trailer Workshop

I made this plane to make people aware of what we were doing, and my video is no gimmicks and it is just stripped back to just me doing the project of making a plane.

My Woodworking World

Channel: My Woodworking World

This project is the first true wood working video on my channel! Having just started up in September, I’m proud to be a part of the Makers Care project (even if I’m coming in late in the game). The plane is a 100% homage to Steve, using his plans and even color scheme for the pieces. Padauk and maple woods were used. Thank you for doing this, and making a difference!


Channel: MidwestManMountain

I have started a science channel on YouTube after being inspired by woodworking channel makers. For this video, I make an airplane using a board, a router, and some spray paint. It is dedicated to my younger sister who was granted a wish by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. To finish it off, I talk about cancer and the benefits of the human papillomavirus vaccine in preventing cervical and other types of cancer. Thank, Steve!

Life and Biology

Channel: Life and Biology

I make videos, woodworking mainly, in order to inspire people. For this good cause, I tried to get my kids involved, and they contributed two planes – one made from legos, the other from wood in my shop, where my oldest is getting the hang of the scroll saw. I myself made one from toothpicks. Enjoy, and remember to be Inspired!

Dominic’s Woodworks


Nearly a year ago I built this Boeing 747 and Deutsche Lufthansa inspired wooden airplane for my son. In the past my girlfriend was resonsible for special paintjobs on airplanes in her company (e.g. search for GoldbAir or HaribAir) and has some models of the painted planes. Our son love planes and always want to play with them. To avoid damage on my girlfriend’s planes he got this one.

Tobias Rohde

Channel: Tobias Rohde